Build Custom Tax-Managed
SMA Portfolios in Minutes

Every client has unique investment preferences. It’s time your portfolios optimize for them.

ASTRO empowers you to efficiently create custom SMA strategies—aligned to each client’s unique investment, risk, and tax settings—at a fraction of the time traditional SMA management requires.

Personalized Strategies in Three Simple Steps

Leverage ASTRO to work smarter—not harder—and build portfolios tailored to each client’s needs. All you need to do is set a few initial parameters, and ASTRO will do the heavy lifting to create client-specific portfolios.


Step One:

ASTRO deconstructs the target strategy you select into a series of risk factors.


Step Two:

ASTRO tailors portfolios for performance, risk, and tax efficiency around the target strategy.


Step Three:

ASTRO optimizes for client-specific investment preferences to prioritize which trades have the highest impact on tax savings.

Your Single Solution for Endless Customization

Direct Indexing

Direct Indexing

Mirror the performance of an index by purchasing the underlying shares for greater tax-loss harvesting opportunities.

Transition Management

Transition Management

Move legacy positions to a target strategy over a long period of time to help clients realize gains without huge tax implications.

Strategy Replication

Strategy Replication

Replicate mutual fund models for high-net-worth clients to gain tax effciencies difficult to achieve with mutual funds.

ESG Investing

ESG Investing

Align client values and your investment strategy, without compromising portfolio goals and growth potential.

Portfolio Optimization In-House With ASTRO vs. Outsourced Solutions

ESG Investing

Seamless integration with Eclipse Trading, Orion’s trading and rebalancing platform

Allows you to play an active role in your clients’ accounts

Full control over the execution of your investment philosophy

Easy to implement client-specific preferences and constraints

More cost-effective

Third-Party SMA

Not integrated with a trading platform

Requires you to turn client information over to a third party

Third-party investment motives may not align with your own

Difficult to prove that client parameters are being used

Expensive account management fees

It’s more important than ever to demonstrate how you add value to you clients’ investment portfolios. Set yourself apart with custom, tax-advantaged strategies powered by ASTRO. Learn more in our new ebook.